Jai Electrical Industries sales network is throughout India and abroad by its distributors and dealers. The branches owned by the company are used for stocking, imparting technical knowledge among users, dealers and fitters, providing service backups and passing the advice, suggestions and criticism from the end users to the concerned authorities for improvement and upgrading. The job of Jai Electrical Industries does not end with the sales but also to see the customer getting the maximum benefit out of it. As indicated earlier intense customer care is taken in keeping the products with minimum maintenance. Every effort is taken to off-set the delay in getting the ordered goods from source. It is the policy of 'Jai Electrical Industries that customer should not suffer because of lack of spares. Apart from that the spares for products even for the models that are produced 10 years back are available at the factory.

A fully functional service centre operates within the company with the facility to repair any products within 24 hours. Branches, distributors and dealers are advised to have sufficient spares at their authorized service centers.